Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skin Care Products: SKINZ INFINITE

For those who knows me, will know that i am very conscious of my skin, especially face. i do not simply use skin care & make up products unless i trusted the brand.
in my life, i used alot of skin care products before, like Dermalogica, Clinique, Simple, Clinelle, Arelis, Body Shop, Estee Lauder...etc etc...don't get me wrong, they are all good products...but still my problem is still there...

i used to have oily skin when i was younger, but now, i have dehydrated skin on certain area of my face, and i have sensitive skin...no matter what products i use, there will always be skin cracked around my nose and cheek area, which make it hard when i apply make up and it doesnt look nice, i consulted beauty consultants and they all tell me the same thing, use hydration serum...which i did, but still the result is the same..

recently i have new client from Unza Malaysia. They are launching their new skin care products, called Skinz infinite...at first i doubt about the products...why? because its made in Malaysia, and its cheap...i had been using products like Dermalogica and Clinique, for me to convert to lower range products, i am afraid it will bring harm to my face...anyway, we are doing a musical for them as a roadshow activity...we attended the promoters meeting, we have to understand the products because we need to get in right, in order to do script. The Marketing Manager once said, skin care products that are made in Malaysia does not mean it have bad quality, Malaysia have a very strict rule to follow and their standards were high.

Client gave me a set to try...i put on my shelve for 2 weeks without touching it....one of my colleagues tried for 2 weeks now, and i asked her how was the product, she said it was good, she told me how it works for me...

the night itself, i also start trying out Skinz Infinite...in the Ad it stated results in 2 weeks... just in few days i see results...my dry patches gone and my face were so smooth...at first when i used, i felt like there is something in my face, its not itchy, but pain a little bit, really minor ache...client told me that its because the product is working :)

In Skinz Infinite, there is Bio Stem Cells Activator and Toco Retin A. Only our skin knows what we need the most, and Bio Stem Cell Activators go in 3 layers into our skin and activate the cells to start working for our skin, they will fix those problem that we have, while toco retin a accelerate skin turn over, it get rid of our dead skin cell faster...

once those fine lines appear on our face, its hard to erase them away...so prevention is very important...and Skinz Infinite, smart choice for us =)
Skinz Infinite are found in major leading pharmacies like Guardian, Watson...etc

Their Ambassador, Charmaine Sheh.


Skinz Infinite TV Commercial


  1. Dear Ivy,Im glad that found someone using the SKINZ like me.For your info,Im just get the Eye Revive Thrapy few days ago for rm38.In addition to persuasion by promoter to get SKINZ, Charmaine as the spokeswomen do encourage me too!lolz.

    I dont think my friend using this since mostly prefer the popular brand.It's feel kinda shy to told them my choice in SKINz.Im glad to found someone could share the comment in it.

    I found it is MADE IN MSIA during unpack it.Honestly, it do reduce my confidence dramatically.lolz! Well,im using it yet still stay up late.

    I hope SKINZ get good reputation.Malaysia Boleh![at the same time save my cost]Btw,I found out my birthday just one day before yours,in the same year.
    Nice too meet you.

  2. Hey there...
    well, i love Skinz Infinite...
    yes, although its Made in Malaysia, when it comes to made in Malaysia, people always have the mindset that the quality will be bad or not as good as made in overseas..
    ACTUALLY,Malaysia have very strict regulation and rules to follow when it comes to cosmetics and skin care...and they have very high standard for manufacturer to follow...so, when Skinz successfully launched their products, i believe they have met the requirement and they are as good as other brands!

  3. can you list down the price for all the product in skinz infinite range?

  4. how can i buy Skinz infinite if im from USA?
    can you tell me where i can buy this product cause i think it is really good??

  5. Hi...their skin care range priced from RM15 to RM60...cleanser & toner are below RM20 each, day cream around RM35, eye serum RM40, youth recall serum (hero product) RM59.

    USA??hmm..i'm not too sure..right now from what i know, its only available in Malaysia..

    for more infor please log on to http://www.skinzforyou.com/

  6. Is this Skinz in white packing a couple of years ago same as this black one? I used it and my skin feels so taut and dry. I threw it away then. Now wonder it this is a new product or new packaging as I wanted to try to Youth Recall.

  7. hmm..i;m not too sure about the white packaging thingy, from what i understand, its new range of products...

  8. happy to read your article here bout skinz product, I'v just try for 2 days..hope will get the gd result as you..

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